The Recipe Box

You are free to use Pangeo Forge Recipes in private, executing them on your own computers / infrastructure however you wish. However, the real point of Pangeo Forge is to create a crowdsourced database of public recipes, which are executed automatically in the cloud via Bakeries. This database is called the Pangeo Forge Recipe Box.


The Recipe Box is under heavy development, and many details are still being worked out. The process of contributing a recipe will likely evolve and change over time.

Contributing a Recipe

To contribute a recipe, you will need to understand the basics of Pangeo Forge Recipes. Working through the Recipe Tutorials is the best way to develop your understanding. You will also need a thorough understanding of the source dataset you wish to ingest, and a vision for the desired target dataset (desired format, chunk structure, etc.) and any cleaning / processing steps needed along the way.

Once you are ready to begin, head over to This repo is used to triage all new recipes for including in the Recipe Box. The basic steps for adding you recipe are

  1. fork the GitHub repository

  2. Add your recipe(s) to a new folder.

  3. Submit the new recipe(s) as a pull request

At this point the pangeo-forge maintainers / bots will verify that your recipe is shipshape and ready for inclusion in the Recipe Box.