Recipes User Guide#

Welcome to the User Guide for the pangeo-forge-recipes Python package. This package is an important part of the broader Pangeo Forge infrastructure. The python package can be used on its own or as part of Pangeo Forge Cloud.

File Patterns#

File Patterns are the starting point for any Pangeo Forge recipe. they are the raw “ingredients” upon which the recipe will act. The point of file patterns is to describe how many individual source files are organized logically as part of a larger dataset.

Recipe Object#

The central object in pangeo_forge_recipes is a Recipe Object. A Recipe Object defines how to transform data in one format / location into another format / location. The primary way people contribute to Pangeo Forge is by writing / maintaining Recipes. For information about how recipes work see Recipes. The Recipe Tutorials provide deep dives into how to develop and debug Recipes.

Recipe Execution#

There are several different ways to execute Recipes. See Recipe Execution for details.