Once you have a file pattern for your source data, it’s time to define a set of transforms to apply to the data, which may include:


Please refer to the Generic sequence and Common styles for discussion of how transforms are commonly connected together; Example recipes provides representative examples.

⚙️ Deploy-time configurable keyword arguments

Keyword arguments designated by the gear emoji ⚙️ below are deploy-time configurable. They should therefore not be provided in your recipe file. Instead, values for these arguments are specified in a per-deployment Configuration file. The values provided in the configuration file will be injected into your recipe by the Command Line Interface.


Once you’ve created a file pattern for your source data, you’ll need to open it somehow. Pangeo Forge currently provides the following openers:


Before writing out your analysis-ready, cloud-optimized (ARCO) dataset, it’s possible you may want to preprocess the data. A custom Apache Beam PTransform can be written for this purpose and included in your recipe.

# TODO: Add preprocessor example.


What’s next#

Once your recipe is defined, you’re ready to move on to Deployment.