Pangeo Forge Documentation#

Pangeo Forge is an open source framework for Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) of scientific data.

First Steps#

New to Pangeo Forge? You are in the right spot!

How the documentation is organized#

There are a number of resources available when working with Pangeo Forge:

  • Introduction Tutorial: Introduction Tutorial - Walks you through creating, running, and staging your first Recipe.

  • User Guides explain core Pangeo Forge concepts in detail. They provide background information to aid in gaining a depth of understanding:

  • Advanced Examples walk through examples of using Pangeo Forge Recipes:

    • Recipe Tutorials - Are in-depth demonstrations of using Pangeo Forge Recipes with real world datasets. They are a good next step after the Introduction Tutorial.

  • References are the complete technical documentation of Pangeo Forge features. They are useful when you want to review a particular functionality in depth, but assume you already have a working knowledge of the framework:

Connecting with the Community#

Pangeo Forge is a community run effort with a variety of roles:

  • Recipe contributors — contributors who write recipes to define the data conversions. This can be anyone with a desire to create analysis ready cloud-optimized (ARCO) data. To get involved, see Recipe Contribution.

  • Bakery operators — individuals or instituations who deploy bakeries on cloud infrastructure to process and host the transformed data. This is typically an organization with a grant to fund the infrastructure. For more information, see the Bakeries section of Core Concepts.

  • Pangeo Forge developers - scientists and software developers who maintain and enhance the open-source code base which makes Pangeo Forge run. See Development.

If you are new to Pangeo Forge and looking to get involved, we suggest starting with Recipe Contribution.

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